The guys who brought you Keto Fridge, are here to launch a new brand!

We decided to name the company Leopard Spotted Hippo because of its inherent funkiness, to really showcase the ethos of the brand and what we stand for. Not to accept what society would deem ‘appropriate’ as a name and to be okay with being criticized.

Most people fear offending someone, they worry about being made fun or worse…. not accepted!

They soften the edges of their personality; they push down their unique funkiness, their peculiar eccentricity in hopes that this will get people to accept them.

It probably will get people to accept them on more occasions, but not in the way they want. They’ll be a grey blur in the background, secretly envying the one in the group who isn’t afraid to go out on a limb, who may just get ‘made fun of’ once in a while when he crosses the line or doesn’t come off right to the people around him, but he’s willing to take that risk.

He understands that it’s the only real way to actually live, it’s colorful, it has a heartbeat, the other way is indeed safer, but it’s also boring, dull, weak, and uninteresting, even cowardly.

We all admire the people who went out on a limb, who didn’t listen to what the crowd told them, who were made fun of by those around them and stuck with their initial instinct, but somehow we can’t admire ourselves when we do this, we get caught up in our thoughts, worried about what Mike will say, or what Kristie is going to say to Kelly about us.

The snickers, the laughter, directed at US for trying to be OURSELVES, how dare we!

How dare we try to break out of the crowd and embrace what our inner voice tells us, how dare we not live in the way society tells us it’s best to live with all of its preconceived notions of what a successful life looks like.

How dare we make others feel insecure in their own lives’ because we gained the confidence to break out of the shell of the safe, protected life? Of course, they’re forced to make fun of us now, because our confidence makes them feel weak, makes them feel their own shackles of self-consciousness, makes them so desperately want to do the same…

How dare we be ourselves in a world where being yourself is the greatest crime of all.

We hope you give our Leopard Spotted Hippo products a try, and we hope our success can inspire you to take the risk, because when you look back at 85 years old, and you’ve failed it’ll give you a laugh how foolishly brave you were, but if you look back at 85 years old without having tried, that’s the greatest pain of all.